Metal Gear 4 Need Help
  • On Shadow Moses Act 4 I think it is, I can't get Vamp in a CQC hold to inject him with the syringe. Every time I come up behind him as he is getting up I press R1 and it just throws him to the ground then I try pressing the triangle for the injection and nothing happens. Can someone please help me figure out how to get him in a CQC hold??

  • Once he falls to the ground, you have to get behind him and [B]HOLD R1 to get him into a CQC Hold. Once you have him in a CQC Hold, make sure you have nothing equipped (Handgun, knife or any weapon etc) and just press triangle to inject him with the syringe.

    Good luck...:)[/B]
  • Can you really get raidens katana when you type Ibelieveeverythingiread in the pasword screen? I would really appreciate it if you got results.
  • Just by looking at that "code" it's safe to say that one is a complete fake.