Duke Nukem - Land of the Babes
  • Can anyone tell me where the third secret is on the level 'getting wet'?
  • ok since no one helped u well then its up 2 me listen here are the secrets in order cause i don't know which 1 u missed--------->
    SECRET NO1In the area where you destroy the GunSub, high up on the far wall on
    the right side, is a brighter than normal square. Shoot it out and swim
    through and up and then climb up. Eyeball all the goodies. You can't get
    to them from here, not even with a JetPack. To get to them, swim back out
    into the GunSub room you came from, and look to your right at an opening
    in the wall opposite the large crack to your left. Swim into the opening
    on the right until you can climb out and walk around. Climb up onto the
    first ledge, make your way around, then climb up onto the second. To your
    left the wall has a texture of windows on it, find the second window from
    the right, second up from the bottom, shoot it out and climb through and
    you'll be in the room with the goodies from a vantage point where you can
    get to them. If you can't locate the right spot, just get way back and
    blast the wall with the RPG.
    This one is VERY hard to see. In the same room where you shoot out the
    window to access Secret #1, on that second ledge, walk over to where you
    are about to jump up and out of the room from the higher, normal exit.
    Not the same way you came in or the way to access the first secret. This
    opening is opposite the window you shot out to access Secret #1. Now,
    turn to your right and face the large brick wall. If you shoot straight
    you should hit the second secret and shoot out a section of bricks. It
    may help to just stand back and shoot the brick wall a few times with the
    RPG to find it. Hop across for lots of goodies.
    In the area where the crashed ship is, where you rescue the trapped
    Babe inside, swim back around and down to where you normally exit this
    level. Behind you, just after you swim down through the opening in the
    floor, that's to the right of the crashed ship, you'll see three planks
    of wood blocking a passage. To the left of that you'll see a room with a
    goody and a brightly lit section of floor. Shoot out the floor and swim
    down. You may need goggles to find your way as it's pretty dark here.
    i seriosly hope that this will help you but dont stop cause Duke-land of babes rocks anymore questions