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  • So request something and ill watch it and review it.
  • Can you review Enemy At The Gates for me? I want to see how you rate it. Forgive moi for being so curious.

    Got to remember: Curiosity exploded the cat!
  • Resident evil is a great movie (IMO) so if u fancy a trip to the movies, go watch that.
  • Movie:Enemy at the gates


    Review:"Autumn, 1942. Europe lies crushed beneath the Nazi jackboot. The German Third Reich is at the height of its power. Hitler
  • Gabriel Knight

    This post has been altered, and the thread CLOSED.

    API has VERY strict rules regarding copying the reviews of others and claiming them as your own. :angry:

    Not only does this cheat the original reviewer; but it is ALSO a crime (Copyright Infringement & plegurism) AND such irresponsible actions put the Site Administrator (and this site) in jeopardy. By law, plegurism is the act of using the written word of another that exceeds 7% of the original author without giving credit to the source. Criminal plegurism is the act of claiming such writings as your own.

    Your preiveiw consists of 98% originally written content that is not yours! This, by legal standards, is a violation of both Copyright Infringement AND Criminal Plegurism.

    API Staff have been notified of my actions regarding this thread, as well as a link to the (original) preview you are claiming as your own.
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