You Never Realize
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    When I was little summer was always devoted to Vacation Bible School and a Summer play. My cousins and I would all be in these musicals with the other children at my church and it was a lot of time and a lot of fun....but for whatever reason they decided to not to continue the tradition once I became a Jr. Higher (Age 12 [for you British folk]).Now they have decided to restart the tradition, but the problem is that there are no kids anymore. Most the "kids" from the church had all grown up to teenagers. There is a total of 6 kids who originally go to our church and all of them are in it. They selected the Seussical musical for a performance in a few weeks...and all I can say is I never realized how much work goes into it.
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  • hey everyone im new and am having trouble conecting to the network with my 60 g ps3. signal is at full the internet connection test can pass but wont hook up to the network. ps ive had it a month with no problems i havent changed anything but now it just wont work which sux cuz i just got into cod5 and solcom con... any help would be nice
  • ull need to open ports for PSN traffic, search port forwading on top of page, and forward those ports in ur router settings