• I have hooked my sons PS2 slim to our network.

    It is asking us to use the network configuration disk

    Where do I get one?

    How do we configure the PS2 slim?
  • If you don't have the set up disc most online-enabled games have the set up routine built in. Go into the game's online portion and it should ask for what connection to use- you should just see the one option to make a new connection. Select that to get to it.

    The configuration is similar to the instructions I have given before for the PS3- it will ask for certain information such as IP address, subnet mask, etc.. You can choose to let the system try for these automatically (which may work best if connecting directly to your modem) or enter the settings manually (best if using a router to share the connection).
  • The game we are playing does not appear to have the built in set up routine. When we go to multiplayer we are getting an error saying that it can not find the network config file and that we need to use the network configuration disk.
    We do not have this. Is there someplace I can download the network configuration set-up and then burn a disk?
  • No. The only other options are looking for the set-up disk on Ebay for example. Some go up for sale on there from time to time.

    Also, if you cannot find the original paperwork that came with your PS2 (the disk would have been in one of the packages somewhere), then you could also try ringing Sony and ask if they could send you one. Other than those two options, going out and buying a game with the set-up routine built-in would be your last chance to get one.
  • Thanks good advice.

    I don't have the packaging anymore or the disk.

    How can I find out what games have the setup routine built-in. I don't mind picking up a new game if I know it will solve the problem.

    I appreciate the help here, the guys at the local game store have been no help.
  • Most network enabled PS2 Games have it built in. Try Socom, i'm pretty sure that has it.:)

    Once you're in the online portion of the game, look for the 'Create a New Network Configuration' prompt to begin setting it up.
  • We found the network startup routine on StarWars Battlefront II

    My son already had over a half a dozen online games, but until now he has always used them as single player or multiplayer with a friend.

    Thanks for the advice. It was easy once we found a game with the network setup routine built-in.

    FYI The game "Call of Duty 2" by Actavision did not have the setup routine.