help i cant get past destroy all humans 2
  • on tunguska level i cant get past the misson were u have to find some crystels then open a hatch then fire in side :confused:
    all i want to no is were are all the crystels and were is the hatch and wat gun do i use please and thank u ;)
  • The first nexus crystal is on top of a tall spire at the center of the ship. You'll see some steps to jetpack to along one side of the spires to help get up there, just walk around the base/ ship until you find them. Head southwest from here to find crystal #2 in a structure on the ground. The third is being carried by a Black Warrior SE- use the saucer to take this out then land and grab the crystal.

    Once you have all 3 crystals, place them in the color-specific holders to unlock the hatches that contain the thrusters. You can then use your saucer's guns to destroy the base ship.
  • i looked there and i cant find it on top of the ship and i cant find the holders and wat are the things under the blisk base and why is ther 3

    please reply back so i no

    thanks for all the help
  • It's on top of one of the three tall towers in the center of the Blisk base. Walk around the base until you see small platforms on the side of one of the spires. Use your jetpack to boost up to them, then turn toward the middle and boost again to the center platform. Keep boosting up to the higher platforms until you reach the top- one will be empty and the other will have the nexus crystal.
    Does that help you anymore...?

    As for the holders, they are small coloured stands. From what i can gather, a search around the Blisk base would lead you to them eventually. You may have seen them earlier...?

    The things under the Blisk Base you may be thinking of are the thrusters...? What do these 'things' look like...?

    Here is a video of a playthrough of the level, this may be able to help you some more; Youtube: Tunguska Mission 5
  • yes that has helped and thay are little greenish balls
  • :( :( :( i should say i tried the misson over 1 year ago so i dident no wat part i was up to and wen im on the misson the odd jobs starter place is still there and the misson and wen i press start it doesent say abourt misson and every time i go to start the misson it says recap misson goals and there isent anything on the map and he says nothing and there is no health of the space ship should i just restart the hole game or is thear any way to restart just that level or something plesssse hellllp

    sorry i have bad spelling
  • What you're saying is every time you try and start the mission now, it will not start...? I don't know why that would happen...?

    If that's the case, it may be an idea to just start a new game- especially since it's a year since you last played it...:) It'll give you a chance to get back into the game and hopefully avoid any bugs/ glitches...;)
  • i as thinking i might have to do that thanks for the help;) :D :) :)