ps3 bad company online
  • hey i keep getting kicked from every bad company game i join online, i play alot online and on ps3 i play tekken 5 and mgs4 also with no probs just battlefield, it says connection lost, connection to the game has been lost please check your internet connection and try again, but i dont kno wat ios goin on any ideas or hep please??:(
  • Part of the problem could be EA's servers for the game- they have been on the flaky side at times (seems to be a nasty habit of their online multiplayer games lately). You may also want to check your settings in your router- Ea may be requiring an extra port or two be open that could be being blocked. The ones EA seems to pinpoint are UDP 3658 and TCP 6000. If you haven't yet set these up in the port forwarding and see if that helps.