The Ecco the dolphin cheats don't work!
  • I need help with figuring out how to get the Ecco the dolphin cheats to work. This for the defender of the future one. It says here that the cheats have been verified but not on a usa version made ps2. Why not? I know there is one, but why not all of them? But anyway, I've entered them, stressed, growled, vented, and I'm not convinced. I more PO'd than I am frustrated because people say the work but they don't.
    The cheats I want are infinite air and infinite health or unlimited for either one. Well the cheats for these do not work.

    I've even bought a cheat book for 8 dollars at walmart and ecco cheats were in there. They don't even work! People don't specify how to do them! In the book it says before using any of the sega collection cheats activate the ABC control option in the option screen. Well...there is no ABC option in the game. But you mean the PS2 console or the game itself? Neither one of them have one, but the cheat's for PS2? As far as I'm concerned people need more detail and that is false advertisement.

    Other cheats are said to be entered at the title screen of ecco. I've entered all of them at the title screen, at once, one by one, opened a level and I still die and I still need air because it depletes or it kills me because THE CHEATS DON"T FREAKIN WORK!!!!

    (Sighs in exasperation) Can I get some expert help? Start me off from ground zero. For as long as I've been doing video game cheats I've actually never ran into any that didn't work even out of a book that sells cheats to the public for 8 bucks. Also The cheats to Spyro the eternal night in the cheat book I bought don't work either. It doesn't say you'll here a confirming "Gong" sound like you do in the first game. It just gives you the directions and you don't know if its correct or not until you get your butt beat. Call me dumb or "Moron!" "Idiot" if you must, I don't care. Its internet and I am smart enough to ask the pro's what the heck I'm doing wrong. Why don't the cheats work? I'm sure they do. They've been verfied and posted as recently as last year! Hello! So they've got to work. WHat AM I DOING WRONG? It must be me, the gamer....Oi!
  • Some cheats will only work on the PAL version of the game due to slight coding changes made to it- that is the case with the Ecco cheats. They were verified by the person that sent them in on the PAL version of the game.

    As for the Spyro cheats, it's entirely possible they just removed the confirmation sound Here are two to try 9these may be the same that are in your book but it's all we can find):

    Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, R1, L1, L2, L2, Triangle, R2 when the game is paused for infinite health.

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1, L1, R1 when the game is paused for infinite magic.