Resident Evil Code Veronica-X
  • Hey Guys Whats Up?? I'm Danny And I Just Joined Today, Hey I Have A Problem, I Just Got Resident Evil Code Veronica And I Have Trouble Getting The King And Queen Ant Because I Don't Know What To Do, I Think I Tried Everything, And Yet, I Can't Do It, So It Would Be Cool If You Guys Help Me With This Little Problem :d Thnx.

  • You can get both when you return to the palace after going through the military base. When you try to enter the main doors a cutscene should trigger with Claire and Wesker. Once that cutscene ends enter the palace and head up the stairs to the casino room. Use the piano roll on the piano to get one of the casino machines to reveal the king ant. Ther queen ant should be in the save game room nearby.
  • well the queen ant will be in the pictures room complete the puzzle of the pictures after that the picture of the boy will be alexia picture the boy’s sister and you will see a vase take it then enter the items menu and check the vase you will see the queen ant inside it.