help on destroy all humans 2
  • i cant find the first nexus crystal and below is wat ive been told to do i cant even find the steps thing help help help help

    The first nexus crystal is on top of a tall spire at the center of the ship. You'll see some steps to jetpack to along one side of the spires to help get up there, just walk around the base/ ship until you find them. Head southwest from here to find crystal #2 in a structure on the ground. The third is being carried by a Black Warrior SE- use the saucer to take this out then land and grab the crystal.

    Once you have all 3 crystals, place them in the color-specific holders to unlock the hatches that contain the thrusters. You can then use your saucer's guns to destroy the base ship.
  • The video i've linked you to in your other post, may be able to give you a little more help with where to go etc. Take a look...:)
  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????wat video
  • oh i see thank u