hello everyone... maybe someone can help...
  • Hi everyone!;)
    Nice to meat you .. i think this is a useful forum for me.
    I'm a ps2 gamer , my favorite game is "primal" . You can choose 2 characters (a woman ore a monster) . You have to walk through a mystical world and complete missions. But i don't know how to cross the first river .. maybe someone can help me. :confused:

  • I think we can help you out, Sarah. B) (Btw, I moved this to the PS2 game Help section as this seemed more appropriate for it. ;) )

    Head to the building you should be able to see straight ahead- Scree will then show his wall climbing ability. You'll then be controlling him- climb up and through the gap made by the bit of missing wall. Jump down into the building and head downstairs to let Jen in. Head upstairs and open the gate to enter the Ferai valley.

    After the cutscene which sees jen get herself a weapon (a knife) Scree will say he should scout ahead. Go to the back of the villa to find a lodestone. Crawl through the hole where the stone was to get into the villa basement. Follow the path to head across a small wooden bridge to get Scree across.

    Once here head left following the river to the broken bridge, where Scree will note he has to find a way to get Jen across. Go straight ahead to go into an old mill. There is another exit at the other end- go hear and Scree will see a tree- push that over for Jen's makeshift bridge across.