wont accept online ID
  • I am trying to sign up for the playstation network however i get as far through as entering the online ID and it rejects EVERYTHING i put in. i have even tried mashing my keyboard in complete randomness (yes a made sure my random mashes corisponded to the online ID rules) and it STILL gets rejected. The exact error is
    "The online ID you entered cannot be used."
    "Please choose another online ID."
    so far thats 7 rejected usernames with god knows how many variations and 4 attempts and mashing my keyboard. i have also tried regestering from my PS3 AND my Computer.
  • Unfortunately there isn't much we can do to help- with the number of people worldwide with PS3 systems it gets continually harder to get the preferred PSN name.
  • Usually adding a few numbers after your desired name works. It's highly unlikely somebody would have exactly the same name as you and the same sequence of numbers after your name aswell...;)
  • i found it highly unlikely someone would have the same random letters that i mashed on my keyboard for a name. not only once, but all four times... seems like there may be something wrong. that just makes little sence.
  • It is possible they are having some problems- they did do some changes over at the official PlayStation site with the PSN IDs, tying them in with the forums there as well as a PSN name tag to use in the forum sig area. All i can suggest for now is to try it again later.
  • ok all is good now! It was clearly a problem with the servers. One of the names i tried putting in that constantly got rejected was finally accepted. Thanks for the help guys :)