Ps3 won't switch on
  • when i turn on my ps3 it makes a beeping sound and the red light keeps on blinking, nothing else what could this be?
  • Sounds like it may have overheated...? If this is the case, leave it for a little while, maybe a week or so, and then try powering it up again.

    The only other thing it sounds like, is that you may have changed TV and the console needs a video reset. Have you changed your TV at all, before this problem occured...?
  • Try unplugging it completely then pull the hard drive out of the side hatch. Once you do this put it back in, making sure it is snug then turn it on again. If it still does this you may need to contact Sony's tech department.
  • No tv changes have been made.
  • I tried removing the hard drive but that dont work either. What is up with this thing?? Please help
  • You will have to phone Sony's tech department- sounds like something is seriously amiss inside. This isn't something that can be fixed yourself over a forum.