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  • I've decided it was past time to post up a few guidelines we would like members to follow when posting in the forums. Most of it is pretty common sense and should be easy to go by. This will also give us something to refer to in case someone asks why their post was edited/ deleted (although we haven't had to do much of that- thanks for making the modding job easy folks ;) ).

    1) Language- We try to keep this as family- friendly as possible on the forums as we do have people of all ages visiting on a regular basis. To that end, we do ask that no swearing be used in your posts. If you must put something, use symbols for the entire word- we'll get the point.

    2) Harassment- One thing that seems somewhat common in most forums that we have thankfully been able to avoid is harassment of other members. Any attempts at insulting other members on the forums will be deleted and the member(s) may be given a "cooling off" time (temporarily blocked from using the forums).If the same people start up again, this may make for a permanent ban. This includes insults based on race, personal beliefs, sex, etc.- like I mentioned above, we have all ages here so let's keep it civil, ok? ;)

    3) Illegal Activities- Absolute PlayStation is 100% against the use of pirated games as well as other ill-gotten goods (music, movies, CD keys, etc.). Any threads looking for this sort of thing or linking to sources of it will be locked/ deleted. We'll give a friendly reminder at first about this but those that insist may find themselves on the outside looking in. On a side note, we also do not condone the use of custom firmware on the consoles/ handhelds- if you are having problems caused by using these you're on your own. Our official statement and the above issue can be located here.

    4) Links- For the most part this is wide open. We only ask to not link to any commercial sites or other gaming sites (other than official game sites put out by the publishers). Of course, every so often we have had people signing up for the sole purpose of advertising anything from phones to game systems- if one of these do happen to show up, don't bother replying to them as, more often than not, the person doing it isn't sticking around long enough to see any replies. Instead, please use the "report post to moderator" link and we'll do the rest. B)

    That pretty much covers it- like I mentioned, most is common sense and should be a no-brainer to go by. If you have any questions about these, feel free to send me a PM.
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