• Im at the part were Nisan is attacked by Shakan. So Fei and Bart and the Gang go there and we discover the OmniGear that Bart gets and then shakan runs away and Sigurd says that hes in the cave west of Nissan. So I go there and he is geting charged up buy this power source behind him. And all of a sudden that Graphord (or how ever you spell his name) shows up and says "Do you desire the Power?" and Shankan get more power from him. So Im in theis battle VS. Shakan, its Fie, Bart, and Citan fighting together. The only strong gear is barts omnigear. and Shakan is hooked up to the ower source behind him and he can heal himself for 1000 hp each time I hit him. So I dont know how to kill this guy. Please someone help me. I know there are people out there that said they would help me if I needed it. SO please tell me what you did to beat this guy.
  • This guy was a b@stard beyond belief. There is no trick to beating him except strategy. Everyone should keep doing lv 1 or lv 2 attacks because lvl 3 will drain too much fuel. If you have Deathblower1 it should come in handy. Any armor that lessens his type of damage would come really useful especially to your strongest character. Heal often.

    -There is one way though.....

    That pink fluffy thing you know as Cu-Chu!!! Yes Chu-Chu may be the most vital part of your strategy. Not only can she heal GEAR hp with only 2 MP but her evade can be pumped also. She can heal yours gear without any of the others wasting fuel. Try and use her in battles to see what shes like. I pumped her full of Magic drives. She heals my gears for 10000 HP so far. Give it a go. If she is low in magic use the Magic Doubler accessory and that would make the casting cost 4MP but your healing double the amount. PM me if anythign is a miss.