Connecting to Network Hard Drive
  • Man, I'm totally confused with my PS3.

    I've got a network at home with one laptop and one Desktop computer, along with my PDA all connected. I recently set my PS3 for internet wireless connection which runs fine.

    I decided to plug a hard drive into my Wireless router and have been using it for about two weeks now, with my computers. There are about 15gb of music on there and I want my PS3 to be able to stream the music, but it wont find the media server? The hard drive is actually a wee 40gb iPod which I just plugged into the USB port of my wireless. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Should I buy a proper network drive?, and if I do, how should I set it up? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm a bit of a tech freak but without the knowledge..... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • The PS3 does not work well with iPods. Between that and the music format normally used on them that set up just will not work.

    Did a bit of a search regarding network drives and the PS3 and it looks as if the PS3 will not recognize them- you may want to consider a regular external hard drive to store the music on. The PS3 should see it with the media sharing set up to connect to your computer (or skip the media sharing altogether and just use the external drive on the PS3).
  • Thanks for the Info Lyndon, it's good to know this as I was going to spend a few hundred quid on a spanky flashy network drive... so I've already saved some money!
    Are you say that a standard external hard drive connected by USB to the PS3 will play direct from the drive? Only reason I ask is that I tried it before (albeit on an older PS3 firmware), and although it found the files I had to copy all the music to the PS3...... Has the latest firmware solved this?

    Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions.
  • If the USB drive is formatted to the FAT32 file format it should see the music files and be able to play them from there. Granted, I haven't tried this myself yet as i don't plan on using the PS3 for my music (do all my music listening in the car on my iPod).

    If you do want to use the media streaming you should be able to with the external drive hooked up to your PC and set it up for sharing the files. The PS3 would then be able to find it that way and save your PS3's hard drive space.
  • Hey Lyndon, possibly off topic however, I recently bought a Netgear Ready NAS Duo and set it up for use with my Desktop, Laptop and PS3. The streaming to the PS3 is really good... get the odd quirky DLNA error once in a while, but this is the best Streaming system for PS3. It's actually sold with confirmation that it's PS3 compatible.... Just thought others might like to know.