how to do the opening code on ps2 4 sims 2
  • hi i just bougth the game a few week ago i found the codes. i try to do it . all it does flashing thing and nothing . does anyone know why?
  • dude you need to puase the game and enter the code and it will work;)
  • tx u lolox for your help
  • I have unlocked the gnome; but cannot get any of the cheats. I have opened a lot of things....I would really like some new locations AND...From what I understand, you cannot have more than one story on PS2, is that correct?
  • You must use the Gnome to use the cheats. Have you done this...?

    And there are no cheats to open new locations. And you can have as many story mode saves as you like, as long as there's room on your memory card and the game allows it.
  • and u must reach the other places to obtain them