Psycho Mantis is kickin' my butt!!
  • Man-oh-man, what is the best way to defeat Psycho Mantis! (Hints & tips, NO cheat codes)

  • When he is using furnature to attack you crawl on the ground or keep close to the walls. When he turns invisible equip the thermal gogles (the ones that make your view go red) they let you be able to see him.
  • You cannot beat him unless you put the controller in port 2 this way he cannot read your mind, do this and you should have no problem in kicking his ass :biggrin:

    Good Luck.

  • i met someone in a chatroom that couldn't do that.
  • [b]Here is the Guy who can Beat good 'old Physco Mantis with out using the 'Hideo' joypad in second port on any level and I didn't buy the farm or kick the bucket on my first go :biggrin: and I do have visual proof from 7 other game players!

    It's so simple, always have your thermal goggle equiped and get flat on your face and get right up to him, he knows that you are there. But just as he comes from the invisable mode pop a punch and get back down. Follow his room patterns as one of the statues can hit you when you are flat on the floor in the middle of the room. Never use any of your weapons as they don't have the time to be used as he can anticipate them. It's nice to have at least 2 healths handy and when you have defeated him have a nice cigarette break as your health doesn't go down!!

    Last bit was a lie, you will die from smoking cigarettes, in video games and in real life.
  • I remember something about the colnel calling, but I think it was to tell you to switch the gameports over.
  • The best way to kill Psycho mantis is by using the second controller port, and yes it is possible to kill him other ways.
  • Equip the Bandana and Famas stand in any placein the room hold down x and spin around and doge his attacksas well with the control still in port 1.
  • Quote from Lucifer, posted on July 30 2001,02:21
    Man-oh-man, what is the best way to defeat Psycho Mantis! (Hints & tips, NO cheat codes)


    Mantis is easy to beat. just plug another controller in and use it when you fight him. That way he cant read your mind.Enjoy;)
  • Plug in another controller or should I say plug the controller in the other port. :read:

    I have beaten "psycho" without changing ports :2devilish: so it took me a lot of time but I don't remember a call from campbell
  • i heard that 2 juggleknot but it don't work. i tried and tried but noting happened!
  • Whenever I got stuck, All I did was call campbell.