• Hi I picked up Madden for half the usaul price this week (I guess theres not much demand for American sports games in Austrialia).

    Anyway does anyone know any cheats or hints? because i'll be buggered if i'm going to unlock 300+ cards. Please Help I'm desprate.

    And whats the best NFL team to use in the game? (Not a europe or all star team just a team in the league)


    Dick 'Sack it to Me(Sorry)' K :ph34r:

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  • I have the game and I found something really cool.If you completely create a player and go back and edit him you can put his attibutes to 99 on everything.I made 7 foot 400 pound players with their attibutes at max after i found this little beauty.This is the american version I don't know if the u.s. version is any different then Austrialia's
  • In regards to cheats & tips, search the API archives first. If there is nothing there to help you, type in "Madden NFL 2002" in your browser, there area LOT of sites dedicated to this particular game.