I have a odd problem with Warhawk
  • Maybe someone could help me out with this:

    I checked my ps3 and everything is right. I have nat type 2 and great internet speed. I have no problem in connecting to the p2p servers but when I try to connect to the offical servers it always gives me the "cannot join server."

    It does have the green light for me to join and I've tried about 20 different servers. I have tried for weeks to join one. Anyone have a clue as to why I cannot join a offical server?
  • I would say check the port forwarding set up in the router- maybe you missed one or more of the ports needed to let all of the PSN traffic in/out.
  • Do you have a guide to set up port forwarding for my ps 3?
  • Check out Lyn's post (post #3 in the thread), here:- PS3 Port Guide

    You'll find a detailed 'how-to' in there. It's not too complicated really...;)
  • Thanks guys. Forwarding the ports worked. Great!