I Know It's An Old Game But.......
  • I need help here.

    Alright. The last time I played Resident Evil Code Veronica, I beat the game and killed the Tyrant. I think that it was because I had more stronger ammunition and it didn't take much to kill him off the plane. I went out and got Code Veronica X because my original had gotten stolen a while back and never got a chance to replace it. So while out shopping, I got veronica X.......So Anyway

    I'm having a hard time killing this big TYRANT!!!!! and the only ammunition I have is the grenade gun with 5 rounds and my shot gun thats now an automatic(M93r) how can i get this thing off the plane with little ammunition i have??? I can only run around for so long because he will charge me....any help would be appreciated.

    thx in adv...
  • never played it but try to find better ammo or try and throw him outside the plane
  • dear X if talking about code veronica X and about the tyrent on the plane then do this:

    1:shoot him one time
    2:use the lever to oporat that thing to throw him away
    3:if this move didnt work keep trying it again

    note:( if you oporated that thing you have to wait a while to oporate it again)
    note2:(dont get too close to the throwing door (at the back of the plane)or he is gonna hit you and throw you from the back)

    any way good lock ok