• ok, so im only 16, so give me a break here.
    i used to have a wireless gaming adapter hooked up to my PS3,
    and i had a wireless router hooked up to my modem, and everything was ok.
    Then my dad got this new internet stuff,
    and we got a new modem, and its made by Arris.
    so i tried to connect by putting the cord right into the modem,
    and it didnt work,
    so i entered all the information,
    the IP adress, and all that other good stuff,
    and it says i cant connect to the internet still
    any tips?
  • Are you still using the wireless adapter? With the new internet provider you may have to re-do the set up on that if you are.
  • nope.
    i just put the ethernet cable directly into the modem
  • If you took the ethernet cable from the computer and plugged it into the PS3 without turning off the modem first, that may be the problem. Powering down the modem will make it "let go" of the IP address as otherwise it will still be seen as connected to your computer as far as your net provider is concerned.
  • yeah i tried that,
    and its still not working.
  • I would say recheck the settings you put in there, in particular the IP address you put in. I would make that automatic/ easy as your ISP is likely assigning an IP address to you randomly. A possible mismatch there could be the cause.