destroy all humans 2
  • i cant find the alien artefacts im missing 1 in albeno and the last level so i need 2 more can some one help me and wat do i get wen i get them all please help sorry for the mispelling
  • It's hard to know which one your missing, so here's a list of all the artifacts in Albion:

    A By the NW entrance to the underground tunnels
    B By the sandbags W of the Soviet Embassy
    C On the fountain at the center of Hyde Park
    D In the underground tunnels in an alcove near the radiation leaks
    E Power plant E of the Soviet Embassy
    F Under the W footbridge in Canal Side
    G W end of the thin alley on the small block in S Canal Side
    H On the N walkway of the Soho bridge
    I In a telephone box in S Soho
    J On the top of the Trafalgar obelisk base

    And by the 'Last level' do you meen the last area (Solaris)...? Again, here's a list of all of the artifacts in Solaris- you should be able to find the one your missing...:

    A On the bridge in S Blisk Base
    B On the platform between two bridges in S Blisk Base (N of #A)
    C Underground in the W spur of Mining Site
    D Inside the igloo N of Mining Site
    E On the hillside E of the E entrance to Mining Site
    F Behind some rocks and pods N of the NE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    G Atop the large dome in Cosmonaut Base
    H On NE structure with solar panels inside SE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    I Inside the igloo attached to the NW small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    J On hillside between Radar Array and Comms Zone overlooking Cosmonaut Base

    Once you get the Artifacts, i don't think there's anything else you have to do with them. Collecting a certain number of them will unlock things in-game however, such as the final Arkvoodle cult mission etc. They also contribute to completing the game 100%.
  • thank you rob c staff