Personal Avatar Specifications
  • Well, since last time i went into this forum, nearly a year ago, rules regarding avatars seem to have changed a bit, so i have these questions:

    -Is changing avatars only at Av awards now?

    -Do you get to keep your new one after the awards, and can you change back to your old one?

    -How do you send avatars, and is it still to [email][/email] (or something like that)

    -Has the File size limit been lifted from 2KB (and what is it now?)

    -How do you send in Moving avatars?

    -Thanks for your attention... :)

    P.S: Is the newsletter still being sent? I heard that it stopped after Jim B Staff left or something. <_<
  • I'll try answering those one at a time.

    1. Yes,the avatar changes are now limited to when the avatar awards are coming up.They are usually set up for 2 weeks before voting will begin.

    2. After the awards you are pretty much stuck with the av you had in the awards,so it's best to be sure you get one you really like.Avatar changes are only done leading up to the av awards now,as stated above,so you would have to re-submit the old av.

    3. When the time comes that avatar changes are allowed you will be able to upload the av straight from your own computer or link to it remotely-the controls for that will be found in the Avatar Options in your Control Panel.

    4. Yes,the file sizes have been upped-the max now is 100x100 pixels and up to 10 kb in size.Animated avs (like my Spider-man) are handles the same way as a stationary pic.If you find an animated .gif you like but it's bigger than the specifications you can edit it by using an animated .gif editor (several can be found on freeware/shareware sites) or do it online for free at sites like GifWorks.

    As for the newsletter,yes it did get stopped when Jim left.The possibility is there for a revival of sorts,but there are lots of details to sort through.If and when it is going to be started again we'll have an announcement in the member news area.