Problem with controller
  • My PS2 is running fine, but something is wrong with either the controllers or controller ports. It's stopped recognizing my controllers. Everytime I load a game the screen reads 'Please insert dualshock 2 analog controller', which I have. I've tried all three of my controllers in both ports, but nothing's registering. Fixable or should I just get a new machine?

    Or should I just get a PS3?
  • You may want to try a little blow in each of the ports/controller ports. Dust may have built inside and stopped them from connecting right.

    As for fixing it yourself, unless your pretty handy with that kind of stuff, i wouldn't even go there. Best chance of repairs is to phone Sony's tech support and they'll sort you out a price. Usually about $50-$80.

    And as for the PS3, if you can afford it, go for it! You won't be disappointed...;) Only thing to keep in mind is that the PS3 models sold nowadays, are NOT Backwards Compatible with PS2 games.