The Network Adapter
  • I saw'll a picture of the network adapter in a magazine, but they didn't have any in fo on it exept
    that you can go online with a phone line hooked in to it. How much does it cost? Is it already out?
    I would like to know. Thanks for your help.
  • The Network Adaptor will ship to retail stores on August 27, 2002 (someone correct me if I am wrong) for a price of $39.99. The Network adaptor fits into the port on the back of PS2.
  • Yes, you're right there DC. You will want to read about it right here. I'm closing this thread since the info has already been covered before. I'm also moving this to the Gaming forum since this technically isn't help with hardware. Please do a search for things such as these that you want to know about just in case your question has been answered indirectly before. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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