Warhawk medal not showing after 24 hrs
  • The other day I had a kill streak of 33 whilst in a warhawk and the game told me I'd been awarded "Warhawk Exemp" medal, I know it can sometimes take a while for your stats to be updated yet its been well over 24 hrs and I have nothing to show for it. There are so many reasons to never play it again this is the tip of the iceberg for me, as you can tell I'm very disappointed and fustrated. PLEASE HELP!

    PSN ID- Eviloution
  • If this helps it's the second time this has happend to me, first time I was supposed to rank up but didn't and had to do it again. Both times this has happend I've had the award message in game, finished the match, started the next match and quit about 5 mins into play. Could this be why it has never registered? If so I will never play warhawk again as this should never happen.
    PSN ID - Eviloution
  • No, that shouldn't be a reason why your Stats aren't updating. Your stats would still update, even with your five minutes worth of play in the last round.

    Regarding your first ranking problem, you will get a message saying that you've been RECOMMENDED for a promotion. You will still have to keep on playing until you reach and surpass that rank threshold to actually be awarded the promotion.

    With the Warhawk Exemp. Medal, i'm not quite sure. Take a look at the requirements for the medal and see if you have indeed reached those requirements (the game has been known to award people medals and higher ranks without them having completed the actual requirements). If you have, and you still haven't been awarded the medal, i would have to put all of your problems down to the Warhawk Stats cluster. People do have a lot of problems with Stats and awards not registering in Warhawk, including myself (you're not the only one;)). Only thing i could suggest is to log out of your profile and back in, if that doesn't work i would consider it lost if i were you. There isn't much more you can do, i'm afraid.
  • Thanks for the help Rob, I did do what was needed but it just didn't show. I managed to get it again and quit after the match was over before starting the next one and that seemed to work. It is a fustrating part of warhawk due to the games difficulty, I've decided to play just for the fun of it without a care for the awards. Much better this way, Cheers Rob.;)
  • I have the same problem. No promotion even if I m told that I m promoted each time I log on.

    If they don't fix the problem most gamers will give up!
  • i dont reckon promotion dosent do a right lot on warhawk apart from slight changes in clothing and bragging rights. theyll keep on making add ons till people stop playing. wich aint gonna be soon. Warhawk has always had this issue can take weeks sometimes.