KONAMI - online
  • Your thoughts on KONAMI's performance regarding online play over last 12 months or so.

    !st there was the PES debacle, now we have MGO causing major problems.

    Is it just me or have KONAMI dropped the ball with regards online play. Other developers manage to get things working relatively quickly, why the problems with KONAMI games.

    I think its an embarresment, the MGO issues just get bigger by the day, and the website is a joke, can anyone find how much the expansion pack costs? and how you purchase?

    Very amaturish if you ask me.
  • I haven't had the displeasure of dealing with this (being one of the few people in the world that did not buy MGS 4) but what i have read about it leaves very much to be desired. One would have thought after the debacle that was the start of the MGO beta in April they would have learned and made sure they had enough servers to handle the demand.

    I was going to check the price as it does seem as if the online shop is back in business (somewhat) but you need to log in with your Konami ID (which i never did bother to set up). I have to wonder why they did not make this available via the PlayStation Store, which would have been much more convenient for all.
  • managed to get logged in, the expansion pack is £9.99, and an additional character slot is £3.99.

    That is a LOT to ask for additional content, especially when none if it is working properly.

    Might leave this one until they get their act together, apparently there were over 400 people who payed for pack and received nothing, KONAMI did apologize and refund them but, what a COMPLETE MESS!!!!