• I recently found a ice cream van. If you do many fireturck missions eventually you will spray out a ice cream van after that steal it. You cna turn on the music too and people walk up to the van. :D
  • If you hang around the Cartel mansion(in shoreside vale) area you will eventullysee one drive by. :D
  • I saw 2 of the vans crossing around the stadium... And in the Vigilante Side Mission I happened to drive one van out And it was speeding!!!
  • :D In one of the missions I did in Portland down by the piers, I jacked a ice cream truck up around the mafia turf[ this was part of the mission to find the truck] I then took it down to a building by the pier and blew the horn and when the mafia dudes came out to get there ice cream, I was suppost to blow the truck up by remote control but I wanted to save the truck so I just got the sniper rifle out and picked them all off that way.. :lol:
    Okey I used a cheat to get the rifle but it worked fine and I saved the truck! :lol:

  • I've never heard of that mission, Worf. I got my ice cream van by doing a few fire engine missions (On Staunton Island) and there it was, the first time in the game, a Mr. Whoopee!

    It's now forever in my collection in my Staunton Island garage, next to my bullet proof Patriot!

    A weird thing is that I drove it around Shore Side Vale, the people came up to it as usual, but then a theif car-jacked it! Maybe a sportscar would have been more practical, or even a Kuruma, but car-jacking a Mr Whoopee ice cream van? Now that's just wrong!