Whats Gameshark Codes?
  • hi....how can we enter gameshark codes what are gameshark codes...
    hey mail me the answer if you can or just write it here.... i hope i can check back....
  • To enter Gameshark codes you'll need a Gameshark 2. There will be a cd and a Gameshark dongle which looks like a mmory card and it fits in the MC slot. Insert the disk and the dongle and turn on the power. You'll then either have to locate the game that you own that you want to use codes for or if there aren't any existing or you want more codes then you'll have to find some online and enter them into the GS(read directions for this). Then you'll need to choose start(or play) game with codes and it'll ask you to enter the game disk so take out the cd(don't turn power off) and put in the game disc and the game will startup with the codes you entered. Have fun with the codes and the GS2 if you decide to get one. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • what the price of the gameshark?
  • The curent price runs at about $30 US I believe-you should be able to find it at just about anyplace selling games.

    While it's up to you I feel the use of these devices ruins the experience if you use the codes right away-try beating the games without the codes first.Once done,then experiment with the codes to have some extra fun with it.
  • Not worth it for the trouble that it causes. I think Code Breaker may be a better one. My GameShark froze on me and completely wiped out all my codes. Everything!! All the preloaded codes were erased also. The gameshark card is bulky and doesnt fit right into the PS2 memory card slot. Its troublesome to enter codes and you have to swap discs to load codes. I sugeest you dont buy it. Yes, even I, the cheater advises you not to.
  • Yeah I have a code breaker for my ps2 and I like it better than gamesharks. Gamesharks are about $40-50 and a codebreaker is about $30 which is a much better buy.
  • I have a code breaker and a game shark. I bought the game shark first and I wasn't to happy
    with it, then I bought a code breaker and it works better than the game shark.