PSP problem, need solution
  • Earlier I was playing my PSP with a used copy of Madden 07. I went into practice mode. Normally as the game loads there is a loading screen with music playing, and at the bottom left corner it says loading, and goes from one to three periods successively: (loading. loading.. loading...) But at a certain point the music would stop playing, and the loading periods would stop changing. I heard the PSP stop reading the UMD, and then the PSP shuts off with a sort of "click" sound.

    I looked online a bit before coming here, and found out the PSP's battery could be messed up from high humidity, which the PSP may have been exposed to from time to time, but worked fine until today. I've only had the PSP for a very short time, and don't know what happens if there is an error reading the disc, so I'm wondering if the problem is from battery problems, a used game copy, or another issue entirely.

    If it helps, my system software is version 3.80.
  • Yes, high humidity could possibly cause some problems (as it could with most electronics). However, if it was that sort of damage chances are your PSP would just not power up at all.

    Do you have any other games you could try in the PSP just to make sure it isn't hardware related? To be honest, I am thinking the problem may be the Madden disc.
  • It was indeed the used disc. Turns out if I load in the franchise file, everything works fine, so it's just a glitch.

    Thanks for the help.