• (Edit: Okay! I cleaned it out with the vacuum and that seems to have fixed the problem! Thanks anyway!)


    My PS2 (SCPH-50001) seems to be having some trouble. When I turn the system on, I hear a fast fluttering noise for a few seconds, it stops, then starts fluttering again, but at a bit slower pace, when it begins reading the disc. The fast flutter at the beginning of the start up occurs even if there is no disc, but it doesn't start back up again since there is no disc to read. The flutter sound reminds me of what mechanical things sound like when they get stuck and keep trying to move, if you know what I mean. While in the browser, it just says "Reading Disc" and never comes up with a DRE or any such message. Can't get past that point. I've tried four different games, all official games and in excellent condition. I've tried turning the PS2 vertical, with no change. Also tried the diagnostic. I don't really know anything about the inner workings of the PS2, so I'm not exactly sure what it might be.

    I've heard it might be dust, so I'm going to try to carefully clean it out with a little compressed air and a vacuum. I'll let you know if that show any results.