broken psp if i knew what was wrong i would fix it
  • I have an old fat psp, i wanted to sell it to have some spending money for holiday, i got it all out the box and plugged it it, it dosent work, the green light comes on but nothing else i tried a magic memory card fix but i noticed the memory slot light dosent come on, the screen stays blank, i have no idea what has happened or why it was just put away and now dosent work. I havent unpgraged it or put homebrew games on it or anything please please help.
  • Sorry to say, red, but the only fix here at this point is to contact Sony's tech crew. Sounds like the innards of the PSP have become completely useless.

    Now, being the old PSP I'm going to guess you are outside the warranty period. That being said, they will likely charge you in the range of $80 or so for the repairs (which is a bit cheaper than going out to spend $170 or more on a whole new system).