All Golds On Licenses?
  • i've had some time to work on GT3 these past few days and so far i have all gold times for the Rally, B license, A license, IB license and the IA license. i'm still working on the S license. has anyone had time to get all golds?

    Is it true you win the R390 GT-one for getting all golds on the S license?

    i found this in the tips section:
    All Golds, B License: Mx-5 Miata Rs
    All Golds, A License: Mazda Rx-8
    All Golds, Ib License: Nissan Z Concept
    All Golds, Ia License: Aston Martin Vanquish V12
    All Golds, S License: Viper Gts-r{concept}
    All Golds, R License: Impreza Rally Car

    okay, i guess it's not true. two corrections for this list, you win the MX-5 Miata LS for B license and the Impreza Rally Car prototype for Rally license in the U.S. version.

    does anybody care? i'm just bored. S licenses are impossible to gold.
  • Licenes on this game are very hard to get.If you get all gold in the s license you get the
    viper gts-r concept car.
    I hope you get far.