James Bond: Everything or Nothing St. Germaine Level
  • I am in the St. Germaine Level at the part where the car goes into a town and faces roadblocks. A cut scene shows a fireworks factory and prompts me to use this as a distraction. I drive up to the fireworks factory, shoot missiles at the factory and nothing happens. I drive up to the second floor of the factory and nothing happens. The car has several gadgets but the only one that I have been able to access so far other than missiles and machine guns is the cloaking device. How do you use the remote car? How do I blow up the missile factory?

  • Once you get to the fireworks factory hide and use a remote control car. Drive it right inside the fireworks factory (using X for speed and steering with the left stick), then once inside detonate the car using the L1 button.
  • How do I activate the remote control car? For the gadgets all that comes up is the cloak device?
  • When exiting your car in the blue circle, try pressing either triangle or L1.