Internet problems on the PS3
  • K, ive been having a problem connecting to the internet on both, my ps3 and my psp. On both systems, i am able to find my internet connection name, but went the systems attempt to find my connections IP adress, it always ends up timing out (failing due to spending too much time trying to find the adress). Can anyone help me out with this problem, because Without internet access on my ps3, i'm sure gonna missing out on alot along with my psp.If it helps... i use verizon DSl :confused:

    Oh also, When i do find the network connection on my ps3, the connection is only 45%. That is obviously low... but does this affect my situation? I mean, i wouldnt be surprised if it was slower or if i lagged, but not connecting at all?
  • That definitely affects how well you can connect- 45% is just not enough. More often than not, you would wind up being dropped altogether by the router.

    First question i should ask is how far away is the router from where you have the PS3 hooked up? If somewhat close you may want to consider going wired using ethernet cables- it's much more stable.
  • Err... well the ps3 is in the living room with the router in my sis' room (about 2 rooms down). but the thing is, when i try to get online with my psp and i'm standing right next to the router with about 95%, it still doesn't work.
  • Try power cycling the router (unplug it for around a minute), and then powering it back up. Then try and connect again, the power cycle should fix any settings errors/ conflicts you're having between the consoles and the router.

    If that doesn't work we may have to look into setting up Static IP Addresses for your PS3 and PSP.