Playstation Network keeps going off.
  • Hello, my psn keeps goin off. my wireless is 100% and i have a Belkin N1 Vision wireless router. please can you help me out. i keep signed in on the XMB menu but when i go to play online or to chat via headset i get signed out. The message says, An error has occurred, you have been signed out of Playstation Network (8002AD23). other error codes also come but i cant remember them and this is the most common.
  • Prince, you likely need to do some port forwarding on your router. Have a look around the PS3 Console section to find the port numbers needed (I've listed them in a number of threads there) and, if unfamiliar with your router's set up, head over to Port Forward to find instructions on how to apply those numbers- just find your make/ model of router in the list and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Where Do I Go Routers? Or Where
  • The page I linked you to has all the information on what to do in the router, Prince- just look for the model number F5D8232-4 in the list of routers.
  • thnx mr.bean it dusent go off now. do you know any 9 games i could get
  • I usually like to know what sort of games a person likes before making any sort of recommendations but some of my current faves are Everybody's Golf: World Tour, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and 1942: Joint Strike (just released on the PlayStation Store).
  • no i like action games. my psn beginning 2 go off now. im trying 2 play GRAW Ghost recon. nd i cnt control myself online. and hav kept being signed out of Playstation Network (8002AD23). plz help me out
  • Prince, try disabling the media sharing on the PS3- that is usually the cause of the error.
  • no i like action games.

    Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction are Action games...VERY good ones.;)
  • i like bloody action games like assassins creed (completed) and gta 4 (completed) metal gear solid 4 (completed) stuff like that. and also the games i could play online like gta 4. team deathmatch and deathmatch are my favorite catergories in online play. i have disabled media sharing aswell but it still keeps going off.
  • Prince, you may want to consider replacing the router. I think it may well be the main culprit here. Those N routers just do not want to play nice with the PS3 thanks in part to still being tech based on draft-level specs- it may not be as fully BC to the PS3's 802.11 G as they hoped it would be.
  • how about if i get a G network gaming adaptor or whatever you call it, because belkin n1 vision is very expensive .nd also a gift.have you found out about the bloody action games yet plz. thnx. much appreciated
  • You could try it, that looks like your best option at the moment. They've had good reviews across the board and it seems that not many people have had problems configuring them and so on. If you have the money, go for it.

    As for the 'bloody Action Games' i would still say you'll thoroughly enjoy Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank. Devil May Cry 4 is also Brilliant. For the Online play you should definitely give Warhawk a shot.

    What i would suggest here however, is that you go to an online game retailers site and look through their Action Genre category of games for the PS3. There's quite a few and many are must-haves! So, you should go and look at a few according to your specific tastes. I can't link you here as we have a policy against linking to commercial sites- but as a heads-up i would suggest you go check out Game's site...;)
  • kk, thnx can u link me up through PSN i hav added you
  • Hay prince, can you upload your a-c game save
  • yes shaddow i can.