Gta iv cheats
  • Weapons 1 (486)-555-0100 Weapons2 (486)-555-0150 health armour and ammo (482)-555-0100 Annihilator (copter) (359)-555-0100 Cognosenti (227)-555-0142 Comet (227)-555-0175 FIB Buffalo (227)-555-0100 Nrg-900 (625)-555-0100 Sanchez (625)-555-0150 Super GT (227)-555-0168 Turismo (227)-555-0147

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    GTA4 cheats for PS3
  • arent ther anymore like flying car and other stuff to chill out
  • As far as i know, no. I'll keep an eye out for you
  • how do shaddow long time no speek you still gaming on ps3 ?
  • Yes sfjp long time. I do now and then, not as much as before.
  • what are you playing at moment any new games ?
  • At the moment im playing assassins creed, gundam, rainbow 6, splinter cell DA and guitar hero 3
  • yeh im playing that raINBOW 6 lasvegas 2 the single player was a bit poo but onlines good i like that vegas junkyard and the streets
  • Does the cheat affect the mission?
    Like when i use the cheat it said that the Cheat has been activated and Trophy (cleaned the street) has been blocked
    does that has to do anything with the 100% completion of the game?
  • It shouldn't affect the mission, no, although Rockstar does sometimes like to do things like that to get people to beat it honestly. I would say go at it without the cheats to be sure and you can always mess with them after beating the game.
  • the god of war2 powers cheat does not work at least not on ps3
  • You'll note, Chris, that one is marked as "not tested" so whoever submitted that probably grabbed it from some other site and submitted to us.