Lego star wars the complete saga
  • I can't find another place to post this so I'll ask it here.
    I have the nintendo Wii version of LSW The complete saga but it's pretty much like the PS3 anyway so I'm sure you can help me.

    On the extras, the one with the vehicle smart bomb, what is it meant to do???

    I hope you can help me?

    PS Is there any codes to get invincibility :confused:
  • We normally just do game help for the PlayStation line of games, Ryan- in the future any questions about games not on the PS systems can go into the General Discussion area. ;)

    The vehicle smart bomb goes like this: hold down the Z button and any vehicles you fly near like the tie fighters, probe droids and at-st will be destroyed. This doesn't work on any vehicles that you need to destroy to move further into the level like an AT-AT.
  • thanks, I'll post the rest of my Wii questions in the general discussions area

    Thanks again;)