• Hi,

    New to this forum and it seems to be a very useful resource for PS3 gamers. However, I have searched this forum and several other similar forums and have yet to get my problem resolved. It is the exact same problem others have explained here before; when trying to connect to the internet, my IP succeeds but my internet fails due to a DNS error 80710102.

    I only get that error if I enter my info in manually. If I try to automatically scan for my network, it finds my router at 100%, accepts my WEP code, but times out during the IP check.

    I have a Belkin N1 router with a desktop hard wired and 3 laptops connected wireless at various times. They all work flawlessly. After getting nowhere with Belkin, Sony or my IPS, I began searching the internet. There appear to be many suggestions to fix it as it seems to be a common problem but none have worked for me.

    I have tried to power cycle, opening ports, reversing the DNS primary and secondary, using the various posted open DNS numbers, copying the PS3 MAC address into my router, updating the firmware, disabling the UPnP, disabling the media server connection....... nothing seems to work.

    I can get my internet settings from my router setup screen but obviously that info isnt working. So the only thing that I could think of is maybe there is a different set of information I need to enter? My service comes from my cable provider. The feed comes from the coaxial cable into the router they provided. From there, it goes to my Belkin wireless and on to the other computers. Since the Belkin doesn't have a coaxial input, I can't bypass the router they gave me. I'm wondering if that router has different numbers that I need to use. I'm not really convinced thats true since I think I have a fairly common setup to most but I can't think of anything else.

    If anyone has any more suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. I would love to be able to get online, not so much for playing but for the game updates.

    As a separate question, if it turns out I am unable to get online, is there any way to get the game updates without getting the PS3 online? I got the firmware update from Sony loaded onto my flashdrive. Can I do the same for the game updates? I want to get updates for Gran Tourismo 5 Prolouge.....

    Thanks in advance...
  • Starnz, part of the problem may be using the N router-those are still being made using what the manufacturers think will be the final specifications. As of yet they have not been finalized. A number of people have had problems using an 802.11 N router- it is possible that one you have isn't quite as backward compatible to 802.11 G as it will be when the final versions roll out.

    The only reason I can see that error coming up is if the DNS server numbers are still not matching up. All i can suggest there is to go into your router settings and find the connection or summary page- the correct DNS Server numbers will be there. In the end I wold suggest getting an 802.11 G router that will definitely work with the PS3.

    As for the game updates, they are only available in-game either automatically downloading when you fire up the disc or when you go to the online portion of the game (everyone varies how they do it).
  • Thanks for the reply......

    If in fact that is the problem, would it be possible to get a separate wireless G router? I really like the one I have now but would be willing to get a G just for the PS3. I'm just not sure how that would work being that only one computer would be hard wired to both.
  • It would defeat the purpose of having a router to try having one for each device- if you insist on keeping that one it may be best to save the cash.

    One quick question- is your PS3 in the same room as your router and the PC? If so you may want to consider using a wired connection using a bit more ethernet cable- this would bypass any possible incompatibility problems with the wireless. You would still have to make sure of the settings but it's worth a try.
  • Just to test and see if it was the router I tried to connect using a wired connection..... then it connected with no problem. I went to a couple websites just to make sure it was working properly and they all worked fine. Then I went to set up an account for the network and while doing that it lost connection with an "Error 80710092", something about losing connection to the servers. So it wouldn't connect to the network but I could get on to regular websites.... does this mean their servers just happened to be down at the moment?
  • No, the PSN servers were not down. You may need to go into the router settings and make sure you have all of the port forwarding in place. It may also have been a hiccup in your own internet access from the ISP's side, though, making the system do that.

    i still think the best solution would be to replace the router with an 802.11 G, preferably from the D-Link or Linksys brands. Quite a few people have had problems with using Belkin routers.
  • There is one thing that I wasn't clear on when trying my initial solutions. I've seen in your other post about going into the DHCP and manually entering the PS3 MAC address? With my Belkin, I can go to the DHCP client list and see what is hooked up to the router. But am not sure how to add anything to it. Where/How would I go about adding the MAC address to my router? I've checked online but can't find any step-by-step guides.

    Thanks again for all your help. If all else fails, I can get a G to use for just the PS3 (I like need the extended range of the N1). Any particular one you recommend? My PS3 is about 100 ft and 2 walls away from my router.
  • After looking through the manual one thing you may want to try is configuring the MAC Address Control filter. Find the MAC Address for ewverything you want going online (PC, PS3, etc.) and go to MAC Address Control in the Wireless portion of the menu. Click the Allow button and enter in each MAC address until you have them all. Save the settings and see if this improves things.
  • Wireless portion of the menu?

    What menu, my Belkin router setup page? I'm not sure if there is a section in my router setup page to enter that info.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  • Yes, this is in the router settings. Look through the menu along the left side and in the Wireless section you will find the spot I am talking about.
  • Ok, since I couldn't get online with my N1 router, I decided to try a G router. I went and bought a Belkin G+ MIMO, set it all up, and there was no change. I still got the same error message, same symptoms as before with the N1. So then I figured maybe Belkin brand is the problem so I returned the Belkin G and got the Linksys G with speed boost. It seems as though that is what everyone recommends so I was sure it would work. Nope, same problem, same symptoms, same everything... no internet. All of these routers, however, did manage to work with my laptops no problem. So I finally resorted to calling the support for Linksys and happened to get a very helpful tech who spent nearly 3 hrs on the phone with me trying every possible configuration. To his suprise none worked. He seemed most alarmed that when set to automatic, the ps3 couldn't get an ip from my router; considering the laptops had no problem. He said that in my case, the port forwarding is not the issue because its not even making it that far.

    I'm at a loss for what the problem is. I would just say that my ps3 is bad but it scans and finds the network with no problem. I will return the Linksys since that doesn't seem to be making it any better. I just wish I could get this solved......
  • Are you still trying to connect wirelessly, starnz...? I wouldn't, the PS3's Wi-Fi is a little temperemental and this could be the source of all your connection problems with the PSN. I know you've tried once before, but i would suggest you just keep on at it with a wired connection. Get it all connected via ethernet and go through the registration process again, if you still get that same error code then Port Forwarding may work for you at that stage (you've 'made it that far' with the wired connection;)).
  • Since it's looking more and more like I need to have my ps3 hard wired, I have another question.
    The way my house is set up, my modem and router are upstairs. The tv I play the ps3 on is downstairs. Is there something I can get that will access the wireless router from downstairs that I can hardwire the ps3 to? This seems like the idea behind an "access point" but I'm not sure how that works.

  • One option you may want to look into is powerline networking- it uses your existing electrical wiring in the home to network the access. Manufacturers such as netlink, D-Link and Linksys have just the thing- check their sites out.
  • I have to get off the topic, but ill get back on it, :D

    I have a Belkin N1 router in my dads room with virgin media modem connected to it, my PS3 has had problems online so i want a router, a perfect one for PS3 online play, the one that has a lot of bandwith and everything you need for every game online.ANY SUGGESTIONS which router i should buy.

    Second problem is that i dont have a modem, is there any way i can connect my router for online play without a modem. (I ALSO DO NOT WANT TO USE CABLE CONNECTION)
  • Any Linksys or D-Link wireless 'G' routers are proven to be good with the PS3. They're good value and reliable, they should be your first option.
  • wot about my second question, hav all Lynskys routers hav perfect bandwith, every single thing i need for online, will i always be online like lyndon, :D
  • The bandwidth of the Linksys or D-Link routers isn't the problem, it's the reception by the wi-fi card in the PS3 itself. You see my PS3 online a lot because I have it folding in Folding@Home when I'm not actually at the console. :p Also, my system is using a wired connection.

    If the distance between your PS3 and the router is an issue (which it could be- the signal can be blocked a bit due to walls, electrical wiring, other interference) you may want to look into getting a range extender- this would act as a relay point between the router and the PS3 and stretch out the range the wi-fi signal can go. Another option would be powerline networking, which would route the net connection through the household wiring- you would connect via some ethernet cable but it would be a short bit going from your PS3 to a device plugged into the power outlet in the wall.
  • sorry, i didnt get the second paragraph, what about that modem thing, do i need another modem if i buy a new router.
    What router should u buy then, for perfect onlline gaming
  • No, you would not need to buy a new modem. The thing I am talking about in that second paragraph is a range extender- it sits in the house midway between the wireless router and the PS3 and will relay the signal between the two, making for a stronger connection.

    There is no one "perfect" router but, again, it is best to use one that uses the 802.11 G wi-fi as that is the type the PS3 looks for. You are getting no advantage at all with the N router as the wi-fi card inside the PS3 isn't made to use that standard.
  • sorry, lyndon, u dnt understand me m8,
    im sayin i get a new wireless router, leave the N1 router connected to my PC & MODEM, plug the power cable in the lynskys router ONLY, then get a ethernet cable and connect my PS3 to the lynskys router,
    then can i get my internet & PSN, plz tell me how
  • For the type of set up you are thinking there you wouldn't want another router- you would want a wireless bridge. Using a router the way you are describing wouldn't work.

    Still, part of the problems you are having is stemming from using the N router and not an 802.11 G as your access point because the PS3 can't use 802.11N- the router has to do a bit of backward compatibility to connect at 802.11 G speeds- no advantage at all. With the N routers still being draft-level technology (what the manufacturers want the final specs to be, not what they necessarily will be) that BC does not necessarily work out so well.
  • so how do i fix it, im getting frustrated
  • We told you several solutions- use a different router as the access point instead of that N router in place now or buy a range extender that works with the router you have now to strengthen the signal or look into powerline networking for your set up.
  • my dad wont agree, isnt there any other way,
    i was looking at my routers bandwith, it is 802.11g+b+n
  • If replacing the router isn't an option then finangling a wired connection of some sort would be the next solution, which is why i suggested the powerline networking. This uses your existing electrical wiring in the house to get the internet wherever you like.

    The router may *say* g+b+n but as I explained, the early draft tech in those N routers does not necessarily work as good as they would like. Another consideration is your signal strength to the PS3- what percentage is it at?
  • 100% , also how do i do that powerline networking , plz dont say i hav to do wiring things up. :D
  • They'd be very short bits of wiring- the devices used for powerline networking plug into your existing power outlets in the home and hook up to the PS3/ computer from there. You would need one at the router and then use another at every spot you need access to the internet. Do yourself a Google search on the topic or check out the options at some of the router manufacturer sites- they provide these as well.

    It's a good alternative if running ethernet cable all through the home isn't an option.
  • how much do i buy one for belkin n1 vision router, in pounds plz :D
  • They aren't tailored to specific routers but it is best to keep brands the same to make sure all works well with each other.

    The starter kit is a bit pricey but if it's just to go between your router and the PS3 it's all you'll need. The Netgear HDX101 starter pack costs around £140 (suggested price so with some shopping around you will likely find it cheaper).

    I did a quick search on eBay UK and there are a number of options there for as little as £39.95 and free shipping- I'm guessing that will sound a bit better to your (and your dad's) wallets. ;)
  • wot is it called, so ill buy one ,
    is it belkin
  • It's a different brand- Advent, I believe. Go have a look on the eBay site for yourself- just search for "powerline networking".
  • iv seen it, ill buy it but will it be perfect for online play, will i be able to play online property, and not get kikked frm most games
  • will a netgear powerline networking adaptor work with Belkin
  • Hello!

    I just bought that wonderfull console 2 days ago. Everything is fine, but I have the same problem.

    I don't have a router or something, just direct, wired connection). I'm sure that I filled up everything correctly during my Network Configuration. I even called up to my internet provider, to be sure they unlock my new piece of hardware. (they were blocking my PS3 MAC address).

    For now, I have the Intenet in my PS3. The browser, Life with Playstation, and other things are working really great !

    But I can't log into the PS Network :(
    Sometimes I must repeat logging about 20 times to be log in at last !! And then I have some time (not too long) to operate in Network. 10 minutes later, I got an DNS Error :/
  • Yes, Prince, it will work.

    Grz, sounds like you may need to contact your ISP again and ask them- sounds like they still have some blockages in place, possible some ports needing to be open that are not.
  • i dnt want to p*ss u off lyn, but r u sure differant brands will work with my belkin n1 vision router, i wont hav any problems at all, if you say yes i will trust you and buy it.
  • It would work but just to be sure it would be better to get Belkin brand as well.

    To be honest, if you had this going you would not even need the router if the only things going online at home are the one computer and the PS3. The feed from the modem would go directly into the powerline adapter at the PC with another cable going from it to the PC. Your PS3 would then connect to another adapter plugged in nearby it. This site gives an explanation on how it works.
  • i dnt want to p*ss u off lyn, but r u sure differant brands will work with my belkin n1 vision router, i wont hav any problems at all, if you say yes i will trust you and buy it.

    Just to put your mind at rest prince, it will definitely work. I have develo powerline adaptors and a BT Router and it all works perfectly...:)
  • ive seen some adaptors, but they hav 2 things to go into the socket, my socket takes a plug wiv 3 points stikkin out,wot should i do,

    hey lyn, that site explains nowt, i get 20% of wot ur saying, you see im in set 5 for all my subjects in school, :D
  • It explains how the whole thing works well- you just need to actually read it and not just skim over it. :p

    Prince, the instructions that came with the adapters should be pretty straightforward- one of the jacks on the plug would be for the feed from the router to go into. The other bit of cable goes to the ethernet jack of your computer then plug into the electrical. Take the other adapter down to your PS3, plug it in and connect the PS3 via ethernet cable.
  • im on bout the plug it has two things to go into the socket, my socket takes 3 in
  • That extra prong your socket takes would be a ground wire- not necessarily needed. Some things have it, some don't. You'll be fine.
  • heh you know what. I made a trick and replaced my 1st DNS with 2nd DNS and it's working.

    But somethin is disconnecting me from PSN every 15-20 minutes. But maybe it's PSN fault ?
  • Hi guys im new here and was wondering if u guys could help.i always get that dns error but the internet connection succeeds.how do i find my primary dns and secondary dns ips?(its a wired connection):confused:
  • If you are wired to a router go into the settings of it and you will find the DNS server settings you need. If directly to the modem then these were assigned by your ISP- you could check your computer's connection settings for them or phone your net provider's customer service and ask.
  • do u know if there is anyway to get the ps3 online with just a router and my internet?(sounds weird i know)because i cant find my dns on here. so im pretty sure i would have to call and ask but i dont know how to ask them.oh and also my modem is different because its a usb modem that i have to connect directly to my laptop.. sorry if im confusing u. oh and u answered fast lol
  • The USB modem should also have a slot in the side for an ethernet connection- this would let you connect the modem to a router which could then get both your laptop and the PS3 online at the same time, letting you not bother with a USB port.

    If it doesn't have that your PS3 would have to go online using ethernet cable going between the laptop and the PS3. You would have to enable "internet connection sharing" (a Google search will find all sorts of pages on how that is set up for your flavor of Windows)- this would make your laptop have to be turned on to get the PS3 online, though. As for the DNS addresses, it would likely be easiest to contact your ISP.
  • ima try to figure out how to do that thanks alot
  • Ok so ive been to forum after forum after forum and im still getting this error... ive called my ISP and registered my PS3's MAC address... my PS3 is directly connected to my ethernet port and i am still getting this error... i am almost to the point where i jus wanna throw my system out the window.. what do i do?
  • If you mean a direct connection to the modem i would suggest putting in the DNS servers your ISP gave into your PS3's settings. Also, did you power cycle the modem once you switched the ethernet cable from your computer to the PS3?
  • Yes i did power cycle
  • am i gonna get any help here at all like seriously?
  • You'll need to keep talking to your ISP to get more information regarding the settings, trackstarr. You'll need to make absolutely sure you ave the Primary and Secondary DNS servers as your ISP has them. Also, if they assign you a specific static IP address have that put into your PS3's connection settings.
  • I contacted them and got the right DNS numbers and it still is not working
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    One option you may want to look into is powerline networking- it uses your existing electrical wiring in the home to network the access. Manufacturers such as netlink, D-Link and Linksys have just the thing- check their sites out.

    Me again..... I finally got the powerline router.

    I was able to get a Netlink and I have it hooked up to my network. It seems to be working somewhat, the ps3 can at least see the internet to update the time, log on to ps network and begin downloading an update. The problem now is that it doesn't seem to hold a consistent connection. The update would give an error after so long and I can't play ant games online. I can access the network servers but get an error on the terms and conditions page.

    Any suggestions to remedy this? When I try my internet connection test, everything succeeds but the UPnP and the NAT is type 2.