It's For the Best..I Suppose.
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    Well life around my neck of the woods has certainly been incredibly busy. I've been burying myself in stuff to do so that I have had no opportunity to sit and sulk over the fact that I still remain unemployed....for reasons I am still completely unaware of. Big changes have happened since I last wrote. I've lost touch with quite a few friends which I had at my old private university.When I started back in 2004, I had quite a few friends but once I left that number quickly dwindled down to a mere five. From those five three left me in the cold...and then there were two. And the last of the two have finally parted ways with me. It makes me feel a little sad sometimes, but I think that it is probably just that we have nothing in common in their minds. I actually spent a whole afternoon speaking with the last friend I had about literature and music...and it seemed like a lovely conversation. But she has since decided to not speak to me again. Naturally I feel like it must have been something I said, but my mom has gone ahead and assured me that it probably was not...and was just her realizing that she had nothing in common with me.