slim ps2 won't spin discs
  • a friend of mine last played a ps1 game on it a week ago, and it seemed to work fine. the memory card didn't work, but that is typical of it. when i turned the thing on to start ffXII tonight, it wouldn't spin that disc or another ps2 one. you can hear a soft "click ... click ... click" noise, and i have ascertained that the disc is moving slightly at each of these noises. it's not moving nearly fast enough, though, and while the thing does not bring up a disc read error, it simply tries to read it without succeeding ad infinitum. does this sound familiar? is it a simple or cheap problem to solve? i hope so, because the system does not belong to me! thanks
  • It sounds like the disc drive is shot. It may not be cheap to resolve i'm afraid, i would recommend ringing Sony's Tech support and arranging for them to repair the console.

    If you can prove you have purchased the PS2 and it is still under their 90 day warranty this will be free of charge; on the other hand if you are exempt from the 90 day warranty, you'll be looking at a fee of around $50-$80 for repairs and shipping, i'm afraid.
  • The warranty on the PS2 is actually just 90 days- unless you just bought the system new in late April/ early May- onwards you likely will have to pay for the repairs/ replacement. The fee will be in the range that Rob gave you up above. You can get the actual numbers from Sony's tech crew.