• Does anyone know how to use a Vanilla Visa gift card with the Playstation Store. I've heard from many people that these cards work for the store, but I'm having problems. What info do Ihave to enter. I know for sure the card is activated cause I checked my balance online. Also, apparently I'm being charged $1.00 by Sony everytime I try to add funds to the store. I'd appreciate any help.:o
  • I'm not conviced they do work with the PSN, jrs. They don't require you to enter any account info, so a set-up in account management is out of the question. For gift cards, there is a redeem voucher code prompt when purchasing items off the PS Store- if it doesn't work with that then it surely cannot be compatible.

    As a matter of fact, many people cannot get these to work, and as you're having problems with them too i would say they're not compatible. As for the $1.00 charge everytime you add funds to the store, what are you using to add funds to your wallet...?

    For a definite answer on the Vanilla Visa card, you could call Sony and ask them about it- they would know for sure.