PSP game not working help required
  • Hi There,

    My daughter has just been given a secondhand psp and the game need for speed most wanted.

    The psp works fine, connects to internet, plays other games but, need for speed will not load or play. It plays on her sisters psp so what is the problem with it and can it be rectified?

    It just seems strange that it will work on one but not the other.:confused:

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  • Does the PSP give any sort of message when she does try to play the game?

    One possible solution is a firmware update- some games will not work if the firmware of the PSP is too old a version. If you go into the System Update on the PSP (top of the Settings menu) and run this you may well find a later firmware version as they have been updating recently.
  • Thanks for the reply,

    The system has updated since she got it, immediately that she connected to the internet the update came up so she installed it.

    No message comes up on the screen when the game tries to load. All you can hear is the game loading and nothing shows up on the screen, like it does when other games have loaded.