Pro Evolution Soccer on PS3
  • Hi

    I am having problems connecting to the network since the last ps3 upgrade. I choose Network, then select connect, it offers me the correct player profile, then gets stuck and eventually comes back with an error message.

    This has gone on since the upgrade while i can connect to COD4 no problem. I appear to be able to connect to the konami server as it pulls up my player profile, but wont let me get any further.

  • You may need to open some ports in your router, scrad.

    Konami recommends these ports be open when playing online on PES:

    TCP Ports: 80, 443, 8800-8899, 14020
    UDP Ports: from 5730 to 5739

    To help you out in doing this here's a link that should help you with the Port Forwarding: PS3 Network help (Check out the 3rd post down).