• i cant get past the board in the penthouse where u cant shoot and u gota sneak around how do i get past this?
  • Follow this guide and see if you can complete the level this way:

    Go through this door, make a left, and a left, go through the double doors. Now if you are seen once by anyone or fire at anyone mission over, so this will be a little tough, plan out every move and execute. Open the double glass doors in front of you, hug the left hand wall and at the intersection make a right, stand back against the right hand wall and slowly walk forward, a Tango will be in this room watching a soccer game, crouch down and sneak behind him to the left, head up the steps to the kitchen then make a u-turn to the left and up this set of steps, go through the open door and you will see the telephone to your right, bug it. Open the other door in this room once the guard is away from it. Watch the guard on your map, make sure he is away from you. Head straight down this hallway and make a right at the end then immediately a left, and a left up the steps. At the top make a left down this hallway, make sure the guard is not in this room large room, there will be one in the small room, but that is not a problem, make another left into the large room, then a right over to the computer behind the privacy wall, hack into it. Good news you can use your gun now. Kill any Tangos that come at you and exit down the steps you used to enter, go through the glass door in front of you at the bottom and shoot the man standing up in this room, the man sitting down is the one you need to escort out. Talk to him and go left from this rooms exit, go down the steps and run across this room, exit through the door on the right, make a left, go through the double glass doors, through the double wood doors, make a right, and a right through the door all the way up the steps out the door on top and to the far right corner of this roof.