Netgear WPNT834 wireless router with Playstation Network
  • I am getting a ps3 tommorow and hope to jump into the online community. How is the Netgear WPNT834 with Playstation Network? Any settings I should change to make my online gaming experiance a fun one?

    thanks in advanced and I hope i can be a valued member of your community.

    Thanks all
  • Well, sega, I'm not exactly a big fan of Netgear in general as a brand but this one may be all right. It did get good marks from in their review.

    You will need to make some changes in the router settings, in all likelihood, to have things working properly. The two main ones will be port forwarding (the ports needed are listed in a number of recent threads) and reserving an IP address for the PS3. By doing this and getting all of the info onto the PS3 manually in the network settings (router IP, the IP you reserved, subnet mask, dns servers) you will make the online play on the PS3 smoother.