Need Help ASAP ! please
  • previously about last month some time my blueray went tits up so i had to swap it for a new one and lost every save and my classics. I redownloaded the classics and kept my call of duty online profile because they save that info. However i lost my granturismo nad golf save. Ive found plenty of granturismo saves but dont know what to do with it ive got it on a usb stick ready to put into ps3.
    the file contains:

    All are contained in the folder do i just transfer one of these or all just contained in the folder. Will i need to reinstall graturismo or if not wich list on ps3 desktop to i delete prvious from. Sorry about this ive tried looking just cant find info anywhere.
    All helpful comments welcomed, thanks again Samuel Pennington.
  • You know, sfjp, there was no need for you to lose your GT5: Prologue and Golf save. All you would have needed to do is backup those saves from your old PS3 onto your memory stick. Then when your new PS3 arrived, all you would have needed to do is transfer the saves from your memory stick onto your new PS3's HDD. That would have saved you from all of these problems, and you would have had your old saves still...:rolleyes: (Do you feel just a little silly now...?;))

    Anyway, yes you'll need to transfer everything in the folder (the whole folder) over to your PS3. The 'GAME_P2.DAT' file is what contains the game save data, and the .PNG files are images associated with the game save (INCON0.PNG is the small preview picture and PIC1.PNG is the large background picture). As for the other two files, the PARAM.SFO file is the archive description file (it is needed for the PS3 to read the data you're transferring), and i'm not completely sure about the PARAM.PFD file, but i guess it does something similar to the .SFO file. So, yes everything there seems legit, and it will all need to be transferred as each is part of the game save.

    As for reinstalling GT5: Prologue, yes this will need to be done again as well as any updates/ installations you previously downloaded on any of your other games too.