PSN Connection Issues
  • I know there are tons of these posts out there and i really don't have the time or patience to sift through the boards to find them all. Ever since I got my PS3 back in April I have been having intermittent issues getting online through PSN. Since the 2.40 update the problem seems to have increased even more for me. I am able to get online about 10% of the time and play fine, but any other time I either get signed into PSN and then try to play online only to get disconnected or I can't even connect to PSN.

    I have tried a few things to get it working such as forwarding ports and setting the PS3 as the DMZ on my router. I have tried 2 routers and both have the same issues. I am currently using a Linksys WRT54G router and I am connecting the PS3 to the router through ethernet cable not wirelessly. When I connect the PS3 directly to the modem it connects just fine. Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated as this is rediculously frustrating. I have an Xbox 360 as well that connects fine through the router, so the issue is something between the router the PS3. Also, connecting the ps3 directly into the modem allows it to connect with no issues.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I have no problem starting from the beginning for troubleshooting steps!
  • I would suggest re-do the connection settings on the PS3 from scratch, entering in any/ all information manually regarding the IP address assigned, DNS servers, router IP, etc..

    I would also go through the router settings a bit and maybe do some extra settings like setting up the PS3's MAC Address in the router's list of systems allowed online.
  • I have tried redoing my connection multiple times and I have added the MAC address to my routers list and was still having no results. Also, the MAC address filtering on the router is only for wireless connections to the router, so would that have an impact if i'm using a wired connection?