Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
  • Hello,
    I really need some help, where is the secret passage I am supposed to find for Hannah Abbott? And if there is a quest or riddle with it, could you help me with that too? Please help as quick as possible.

  • Knew that sounded familiar- answered this one back in February. Check out the answer I gave here.
  • Thank you! And while on that subject, how do I help Padma and Parvati Patil?
  • Once you have talked to them outside of the classroom in Divination you will get a short cut scene and they will agree to join. One of the simpler ones. ;)
  • thanks. pretty easy! now i am at the part where Ron and Hermione keep telling me to find the D.A. members. I haven't finished the swamp at the paved courtyard, am I supposed to do that? If so, please tell me how, because I have tried and couldn't figure it out. Reply soon.
  • I would expect you would have to get the swap, yes. Getting that should then bring you into the next mission of the main story.
  • Okay, I figured it out. Thanks, I just wanted to know because if that wasn't it I didn't want to waste my time. Does anyone know where Luna Lovegood's belongings are?